Intro to Kidney 1-6 CEU


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3 NCCAOM-Approved PDA points (AOM-AC)

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The Kidney is the power under every single function in the body, in every single organ. You know how in ballet, the ballerina’s up there in the air doing these different pretty things, and everybody says, ‘ohhh’ and ‘ahh’ to the ballerina? The guy underneath the ballerina, that’s the Kidney. Where would she be if he were not absolutely solid and secure, and able to give, from the bottom, that kind of support? Every single organ is a ballerina supported by the Kidney. So when we’re feeling kinda like a ballerina that doesn’t trust the guy underneath, aaah! That’s a shaky, insecure kind of feeling. Where’s what keeps my foundation secure and lifts me up?