Lung 3-4 and Colon 14: Looking Good CEU


4 NCCAOM-Approved PDA points (AOM-AC)

1 PDF, 9pp

LUNG 3: In health, we completely accept our natural talents as riches from heaven, and we let them show—because they are really everybody’s riches; as we share them with the community, they are really everybody’s wealth. However, the imperial riches are to be displayed at appropriate times.

LUNG 4 is about what we do with our God-given gifts: we cultivate them. We receive a diamond from heaven; now what are we going to do with it? We cut and shape the diamond, to bring out its light.

COLON 14: Yang Ming is all about putting on a big show, having a big razzmatazz. Colon 14 is helpful for badge of identity issues; for the things I do in order to be thought of as the person I am. It can be for desperately wanting to be cool in a showoff kind of way, or whatever I do in public to make a name for myself.

What does it mean, in health, to want to “look good”?

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