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Metal Seasonal CEU Bundle

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27 Core PDA points

7 bundled CEU courses

Intro to Metal CEU

Exit-Entry Blocks: Liver-Lung Block CEU

Lung 3-4 and Colon 14: Looking Good CEU

Lung 6: Regulating Interior and Exterior CEU

Lung 10 in the Context of Lung 11 and Colon 1: Truth and Beauty CEU

Intro to Colon and BL-30 CEU

Strategies for Treating Dryness: Reverence and Ancientness in New Mexico CEU

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Autumn and the Metal Element

Autumn is a time of external loss, but it can also be a time of internal gain. As light and warmth wane, we prepare for the coming of winter. There is a last burst of color, and then the earth is stripped bare of signs of life. That which is transient is now gone forever; the vitality which endures is now held deep inside. The teaching of autumn is that all things pass, but that what is truly precious lives on inside of us. Grief is the recognition that something of beauty and importance is gone from the outer world, but inherent within grief is the capacity to identify clearly what we most value, even in its material absence. Righteousness is the capacity to prefer what Heaven values—to align ourselves with its vaster beauty and be fully graced by it—even when this involves personal loss.