Whole Heart Acupuncture Bladder: Like a Lighthouse in the Storm CEU


4 NCCAOM-Approved PDA points

4 Videos (2 hrs 2 min runtime)

The Bladder’s primary function is to regulate our degree of alertness, from so fast asleep that we do not hear the alarm clock, all the way to white-knuckle terror. In health, we are able to move easily between states of arousal, such that we are only expending as much resource of Qi as the moment demands. However, our intensity-regulator is all too easily dysregulated by chronic stress, false calls to urgency (Be the fifth caller!), and dangers that we feel we can do nothing about.

This class is more than just a lecture on the Bladder meridian. It is a point-by-point opportunity to explore and embody the energetics of Bladder health in yourself and in your clients.


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