Winter: Water Immersion Day CEU


4 NCCAOM-Approved PDA points (AOM-OM)

1 PDF, 12pp

In this transcript, we draw out connections and make explicit all that winter teaches us about human nature. For instance, in the winter, it is more dark than light. This is a practical training ground for learning, “Oh, where do I turn, when it’s dark and getting darker?” It’s a time of learning to turn from outer light to inner light, because if we are dependent on outer light only, then we are going to have a very hard time in winter. It’s a training for all the times when we must find, and strengthen, the pilot light of our soul. When we hold this single flame inside of ourselves, we do not need the outer light. We carry the light.

How do we keeping this light burning on the inside? This is an important lesson for our Water element—one of many lessons that nature generously offers to us every year in winter.

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