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Herb of the Week: An Introduction

Herb of the Week: An Introduction What is herb of the week? It actually came out of something called the Herbal Weather Report. I would teach herbal formulas specifically from the point of view of what I think is going on in all of the elements right now–whatever practitioners are most likely going to be seeing blowing in the wind, and therefore most likely to want to use in their practice. It was a way of speaking not just to herbalists' concerns; it was also an opportunity to use the herbs to explore aspects of being that we all have in common. That is very much still the case. I work with herbs as teachers. They teach me how to be. ... Read more

Heart 7: Poetry or Chaos?

https://youtu.be/ccT4CxkZ_o0 Heart 7: Poetry or Chaos? Hans Peter Dürr was a physicist who thought that he was lecturing on physics, but I believe that he was lecturing on the nature of consciousness and the Heart. He remarked that any poem, written in a language that you don't know, just looks like utter gibberish. Just complete and utter gibberish—what is that? Hans Peter Dürr Now, a poem is probably the least chaotic thing there is. He then went on to say, "Nature is a poem in a language that we don't know—" to which I would add, "—if we are of very urban of consciousness." Because it is possible to start attuning to the poetry of the river and its ripples, to the wind ... Read more

Conflict of Interest in Partnership: More Wood for the Fire

Conflict of Interest in Partnership: More Wood for the Fire The spring-into-summer time period is about the transition between Wood and Fire, and the relationship between Wood and Fire. It’s a close relationship, because in this system, the Liver and the Heart Mediator are considered to be the two ends of a single meridian, called the jueyin. It is considered to be the meridian of blood and tenderness and close feelings, positive or negative. Sometimes I call it the Divorce Meridian. It’s the moment when you discover that your partner is not always your partner (Heart Mediator); they’re also your enemy, or at least your competitor (Liver). It’s the discovery of “Oh, wait a minute beloved, sometimes we have very ... Read more

What is an Acupuncture Point?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-QmzXnH6e3A What is an Acupuncture Point? As I understand it, how acupuncture works is that each point is like a well, or a note, a sound, or a bell that holds a deep truth about the nature of life. Then, by resonance, life experiences that are relevant to that deep truth about life tend to fall into that well, like leaves—like misunderstandings, like things that muffle and shadow and distort and keep us from accessing that deep truth. What we are doing when we place a needle in the point is one of two things, or both. One is dispersing. When we turn the needle in a dispersing way, we are clearing the debris out of the bell, so that it can ... Read more

Healthy Certainty

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xIQVj_CZzYw Healthy Certainty  Not Knowing Not knowing is a skill. We can not-know in ways that destroy us. We can not-know in ways that just keep the balance. Or we can become spiritual athletes of not knowing. That's the Path of Endarkenment.   I'd love for you to take the time to notice, compassionately, from whatever your starting point is: How are your unknowing skills? How's your sitting in the dark? Where are you on the Path of Endarkenment?   If you are someone for whom certainty is very comfortable, and even admitting that the unknown is all around us is difficult, you may benefit from spending a little more time with "Okay, can I take a really deep breath and say 'I don't know' a few times, and see if I can sink ... Read more

The Nature of Darkness

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=061l-6A1v4o The Nature of Darkness In response to my last blog about darkness and light, I was asked, “Is there a natural relationship between darkness and evil?" I can see how it is confusing, in a culture that oversimplifies, to make it all seem easy by taking all the subtlety and nuance out of the picture, and just saying, "Oh light is good. Oh dark, it's not just bad; it's evil. What I am putting forth here is from both the traditions of East Asian medicine—where Yin and Yang are both utterly necessary, and one is not more necessary or more beautiful than the other—and from Sufism, where there is both a holy darkness and a holy light. When darkness is healthy, it ... Read more

Healthy Darkness, Healthy Light

https://youtu.be/ApmhmYVrnWA Healthy Darkness, Healthy Light Healthy light does not seek to eradicate the darkness. Healthy light has its place: I'm reading a book. I need some light. I'm sewing this curtain. I need some light. But I'm not trying to eradicate darkness. I can see the darkness across the room. There are sweet and subtle shadows everywhere. Healthy darkness does not seek to eradicate the light, either. I will note that in this culture, when people speak colloquially of light and darkness, they often speak of light as good and darkness as bad. What a shame. What a shame for internal, external, spiritual, medical, and political reasons. Yin and Yang are both blessings. Light and dark are both blessings. Night and day are ... Read more

September 17, 2020

Healing Loss of Heart We are all very different in many ways, but at the core, there is a commonality of consciousness which Chinese medicine refers to as the Heart. The Heart is the place in all of us that consciousness streams through from beyond us, the way that light comes through the stained-glass windows in a cathedral. All the windows are different, but the same light comes through them.  Many ancient medical traditions, as well as spiritual traditions, teach about the Heart as a place that is beyond individuality, a place of connection that is transpersonal. There are many different words, in the languages of many different cultures, for this experiential reality. When we connect from this transpersonal space, “I” ... Read more

August 14, 2020

Living the Elements: Earth Late Summer Earth, the element that embodies Late Summer, is all about the feeling of stability and satisfaction. It’s our sense of familiarity and comfort, our sense of homeyness. The stay-at-home measures of COVID-19 are definitely “bringing it all back home” for us, and that has certainly been giving us an opportunity to appreciate family and home much more—or else made us realize what’s absolutely got to change. On a national and planetary level, there’s a whole lot coming home to us—and it’s been coming for a long time. We are living right now in the midst of so much upheaval that it is both an opportunity and a necessity for us to do the kind of pondering ... Read more

July 31, 2020

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yWoV-kRFPSg What is the Difference Between Healing and Walking? I’ve been in a lot of discussions these days about what kind of healing is needed in these drastic times.  Truthfully, I don’t think that healing is needed. I think that what is needed is something called walking.  What's the difference between healing and walking? “Walking” is a term borrowed from Sufism, but applicable to Chinese medicine as well as many other modalities.  Walking refers not to the outward manifestations of healing, but the inward spiritual transformation associated with deeper connection to Source via the Heart.  Different traditions have different names for this journey from individuality and separation to greater and greater oneness with the One.  Beyond words, beyond doctrine, drastic situations like ... Read more
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