The Nature of Healing

This blog is a continuation of my notes on Healing and Non-Healing States, which I shared in my last blog.

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Healing takes place when the pain meets the Love, and the Love is in 51% or more voting majority. The most efficient forms of healing do not attempt to resolve everything, but as simply as possible to do what needs to be done to open log jams, and then let the light of the heart flood into that area. Then, at the pace that is natural to the rest of the organism, the wounded or twisted place will dissolve into the light and become the healthy version of whatever it was meant to be. That’s how homeostasis functions!

We don’t have to work work work to make healing happen. We may need to put some work into removing log jams, particularly when there is significant loss of heart. Loss of heart, or resignation, leads to a feeling that healing is not possible. We may need some initial help with re-establishing and taking heart. Then the painful place is capable of healing. At that point, no more “work” needs to be done to resolve it.

Of course, sometimes we do need help holding the Love, or being held in the Love, as we heal. Sometimes we need to re-open and take heart again and again a few times, before we are able to get a sustainable 51% voting majority over the pain.

Let’s look at three healthy pain response categories:

1) first aid 2) healing 3) walking 

1) First aid is basic wound care on an emotional level.

A) Is the person bleeding right now? Usually this bleeding happens when a person is enlarging their pain by raising it up to an archetypal level. Help the person come back to their own specifics, the unenhanced in-your-skin version of their pain, in context. What helps a hemorrhaging person stop hemorrhaging is Heart containment by the practitioner until the student can contain herself. Basic assisting practices, heaven and earth, anchor in yuan level, big aperture of the heart. Balancing Be Here Now (51%) with legacy from past.

B) Is the wound clean? Demons and other toxic voices may send person spiraling into Hell. Say, “If that were true…” (see Demon-Flipping Protocols) or just pull hair or otherwise disrupt the close dance by inserting Heart between the person and the demon voices, while calling attention to their crossroads, their choice here.

C) Is there still a knife or bullet sitting there in the wound? This is a “meaning” attached to the wound. E.g. this “means” that I am a failure—this “means” that you hate me—this “means” that I’m not safe here. Ask, “Is there a meaning here that is even more painful that the facts themselves?” Try to guess what it might be. Establish the meaning as something separate, and hold it as an open question for later: Is that really true?

2) Healing

Once the wound is stabilized, i.e. not actively in a process of going from bad to worse right before your eyes, focus on:

A) deepening security of heart containment: size of aperture, holding from the level (wei, ying, yuan or shen) below where the wound is.

B) further cleaning the wound—demon voices, coping voices, explaining voices, oblivion/avoidance, pictures—while letting in the Love.

C) Further unpacking the wound—what is this territory, and where is ground zero??

D) Check for history—this may be a gift to open and heal older wounds.

Once the wound is truly neat, we have a choice of healing or walking. Healing is letting the love in, letting it wash, re-turning to the heart. Interpretations clear, veils between self and world clear. Virtue appears where there was illness.

NOTE: Veils between self and Source (i.e. the self itself as veil) likely will not clear— although at the end of a healing, often there is an opening, a feeling of closeness to Source, and an opportunity to walk into a deeper marriage with the Divine.

3) Walking

With truly core wounds, we can spend years trying to heal and just go in circles. The layers are endless. There is no resolution except by turning away from our healing agenda to walk towards Source with no attachment to outcome.

We don’t have to wait for the really big issues to do this—we can use small opportunities for walking rather than healing. Of course, very frequently healing does result as a downstream effect of walking, but we never know what that may look like, or whether it will show up now or much later.

Walking means:

A) Anchor commitment to Heart despite wound, turn and say YES no matter what. This is not a deal breaker in my relationship with You, Source.

B) What is the divine purpose of this pain? Ask for it, saying yes to it no matter what.

C) It’s not about asking for it to be removed—ask for its gift, and open to its gift

D) Surrender to being obliterated in some way—being dismantled. This pain doesn’t go until a part of you goes. For as long as you are you, this will hurt—so now you get ‘destroyed’ in order to be freed into a new creation.

Sometimes we need a little bit of help with remembering how to heal. Join us for a Whole Heart Connection Intro in your area.

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