The Point(s) of Being Lost

There are two different acupuncture points that are about being totally lost. One is more worldly, and the other is more in the realm of spirit.

Gallbladder 40 is translated by J. R. Worsley as Wilderness Wound. I’m lost, and the GPS is just going “Huuuuuuuuuuh…” Lost. The image of the point is actually a ball and socket joint: a mound, and an emptiness. It’s the kind of lostness which is like, “You could go any direction from here.”

In that place of “I could go in any direction from here,” there’s no prevailing momentum. It’s actually a very open and freeing way to be lost, once we accept the limitless opportunity.

Kidney 24 is sometimes translated as Spirit Burial Ground, but also Spirit Wilderness or Spirit Wasteland. A Spirit wasteland is a place where, in my spirit, I am lost. Just like Gallbladder 40, this lostness can initially be an awful feeling. But when we are feeling supported in the lostness of Kidney 25, the entire night sky opens up to communicate directly with our being, with the revelation that does not come to people who are busy with a purpose. My purpose having burned down, now I can see the whole night sky.

Is it time to get lost? Especially if you are already feeling lost. It is much easier to find the blessings in being lost when we say “yes” to it, and open, with heart.

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