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Whole Heart Acupuncture Complete Series
New York, NY – Beginning March 2020

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Treating with Heart

Acupuncture is a treatment modality designed to reach the wholeness of the client with strength, elegance, directness, and simplicity. However, for this approach to be powerful and effective, it must be applied with intimate knowledge of the spirit of the points.

Whole Heart Acupuncture with Thea Elijah will open up new vistas in your knowledge of meridian and point energetics. Perhaps more importantly, it will open and transform your own relationship to energetic diagnosis, point selection, and effective needling.

These classes will have significant intellectual content, but they will also be body-based and heart-centered. Be prepared to engage the material experientially! Be prepared for your own healing journey, which you will then be able to share more fully with your clients.

Monday Integration Days

After each weekend – 9:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Join Thea Elijah for an opportunity to practice what you learned over the weekend with a small group (maximum eight practitioners). In a supportive environment, we will have the opportunity for individual questions and coaching, as well a chance to treat each other (only with permission).

WHA Course Modules

Treatment Blocks

March 7-8 (9), 2020

One of the richest resources of the Five Element acupuncture tradition is the use of Treatment Block protocols such as Aggressive Energy, Husband/Wife Imbalance, Exit/Entry blocks, Possession, and many more.

A treatment block is, essentially, a system-not-responding-to-stimulus condition causing the client to be either fully or partially unresponsive to ordinary treatment methods. Learning how to recognize the presence of these treatment blocks in your clients, and knowing how to clear them effectively, can frequently produce dramatic results in otherwise difficult cases.

This seminar offers an overview of Five Element treatment methodology, and an in-depth exploration of the various treatment block protocols. This seminar is a treasure trove of practical insights for TCM practitioners. For Five Element practitioners, it is an exploration of the energetic significance of the various treatment block protocols. This allows us to support clients in the deeper issues which may be giving rise to these blocks.

The Fire Element

June 27-28 (29), 2020

Cultivation of the Fire Element in summer is essential to health. The opportunity to open in warmth, allowing ourselves to blossom fully in life, is a task requiring surprising amounts of tenderness. We must learn to be playful, but without losing our sense of responsibility. We must be able to expand beyond ourselves to connect with others, but without scattering. We must overcome shame and inhibition, but without losing propriety. We must connect with each other spontaneously, and yet seek the kind of loving friendship that will endure—to keep us warm through the long winters to come.

Topics include:

– The emotional physiology of veins and arteries
– How the difference between arms and legs expresses the Fire Element
– The purpose of healthy confusion
– The difference between vulnerability and intimacy
– Aspects of silliness and humor that are important to health

The Metal Element

November 14-15 (16), 2020

Autumn is a time of external loss, but it can also be a time of internal gain. As light and warmth wane, we prepare for the coming of winter. There is a last burst of color, and then the earth is stripped bare of signs of life. That which is transient is now gone forever; the vitality which endures is now held deep inside. The teaching of autumn is that all things pass, but that what is truly precious lives on inside of us. Grief is the recognition that something of beauty and importance is gone from the outer world, but inherent within grief is the capacity to identify clearly what we most value, even in its material absence. Righteousness is the capacity to prefer what Heaven values—to align ourselves with its vaster beauty and be fully graced by it—even when this involves personal loss.

Topics include:

– How to give praise (not flattery) so that it will truly be received
– The practical differences between repentance and just feeling like crap
– Thin-skinned or thick-skinned: our relationship to atmosphere
– Structural aspects of our belief systems and relationship to truth
– The essentials of a healthy grieving process (and how to assist others through grief)
– The Sacred as experienced in the full range from atheism to orthodoxy

The Wood Element

April 10-11 (12), 2021

Spring is a time of amazingly rapid growth continuously beset by unexpected setbacks. It is a time of renewal and resurrection, of vigorous outward and forward movement, and of new plans being put into action—or meeting with opposition. We will be working with themes of rage, frustration, impatience, and the dialectical process of creative conflict. We will look at issues of justice and activism, as well as the roots of violence in ourselves and others. We will focus on understanding the relationship between challenge and growth, vision and hope, and how we can live our freedom in the midst of constraining circumstances.

Topics include:

– How the Wood Element is the source of all healing power
– The nature of self-esteem and forgiveness
– How to move from victim to hero
– The most productive ways to throw a fit
– How to be unafraid of our own “dark side”

The Earth Element

August 7-8 (9), 2021

Late summer is the time of harvest; it is a time of bounty, and a time of hard work finally paying off. It is also a time when there is frequently too much on our minds, as there is so much to attend to. Days are long and humid, and we feel the heaviness of abundance threaten to become lassitude and stagnation. The work of harvest seems endless, and we may face personal exhaustion in the midst of plenty. Abundance begins to feel more like a burden than a blessing when we are over-involved in tending more than we can manage. This workshop explores issues of generosity and over-commitment, nurture and self-sacrifice, and how we can remain sincere and dedicated to our families/communities within an ecological balance for our own lives.

Topics include:

– Nurturance, generosity, kindness, and guilt trips
– The positive uses of circular thinking
– Experiencing sweetness and pleasure without feeling selfish
– How the effectiveness of our “intention” is created by our personal integrity

The Water Element

December 11-12 (13), 2021

This workshop explores the Water Element. We will be working with the themes of darkness, fear, the Unknown, survival, and endurance—the teachings of winter. The first teaching of the Water Element is how to live healthily with uncertainty. The sense of the unknown can be overwhelming, paralyzing, a source of endless fear, until we learn to live in its ocean. We learn to float; we can rest and have faith in what we do not know. We learn to swim; we find that even without full “knowing,” we have inherent resources to bring to any situation. Over time, living in the awareness of the unknown makes us better able to assess the deeper movements of life, and we grow wise—not from the outward acquisition of data, but from the deep inward listening to what speaks in the silence.

Topics include:

– Healthy embodiment of our personal power
– What to do when it is dark and getting darker
– How to find confidence even when we feel clueless
– What is “rest” anyway?
– The difference between knowledge and wisdom

“Every day in the pursuit of knowledge,
something is added.
Every day in the pursuit of the Tao,
something is let go.”

– Tao te Ching

Course Location and Condensed Schedule

The WHA Complete Series will take place at City Acupuncture of New York in New York City.

Each weekend workshop day will begin at 9:00 a.m. and end at 5:00 p.m.

Each Monday Integration Day will begin at 9:30 a.m. and end at 4:30 p.m.

Module Dates
Treatment Blocks March 7-8 (9), 2020
Fire June 27-28 (29), 2020
Metal November 14-15 (16), 2020
Wood April 10-11 (12), 2021
Earth August 7-8 (9), 2021
Water December 11-12 (13), 2021


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Total tuition for the WHA Complete Series is $2,400.

Tuition for each Monday Integration Day is $150 ($900 for all six).

A deposit of $500 is required to secure your registration, and will cover tuition for the final weekend, as well as a portion of the second-to-last weekend.

Tuition Discounts

Students who pay in full or submit a deposit before certain dates are eligible for tuition discounts, as well as free or discounted Five Element Archive Books!

Payment Type Paid-by Date Tuition Discount 5E Books
Full tuition November 15, 2019 $200 Free
Full tuition January 15, 2020 $100 Free
Deposit-only November 15, 2019 None Free
Deposit-only January 15, 2020 None 50% discount

Students who pay in full by November 15, 2019 will receive a tuition discount of $200.

Students who pay in full by January 15, 2020 will receive a tuition discount of $100.

Students who pay in full, or who pay the $500 deposit by November 15, will receive the complimentary set of Archive Books.

Students who pay only the $500 deposit by January 15 will receive a 50% discount on the set of Archive Books.

Invoice Schedule

The invoice for each module is issued two months prior to the workshop weekend, and due one month prior.

Here’s the link to the invoice schedule:

Refund Policy

In the (very rare) event of a workshop cancellation, all tuition will be refunded. Otherwise, any refund is at the sole discretion of Perennial Medicine.


Ready to Sign Up? You Have Options!

We strongly encourage interested students to sign up for the entire Whole Heart Acupuncture Complete Series! This creates the greatest opportunity for learning, togetherness, and growth within the group, both as healers and as people with hearts.

For students who want an experience of Whole Heart Acupuncture before making the full commitment, please join us for the Intro to WHA in New York in September 2019. Then, if you want to sign up for the larger course, you can still receive the relevant tuition discounts, as well as the free or discounted Five Element Archive Books!

If you are still unsure, then you are welcome to sign up for the Treatment Blocks module in March 2020. (Please note that, by this point, there will be no possibility of tuition discounts, or of free or discounted Archive Books.)

If you have more specific questions about registration, tuition, the payment schedule, or setting up a payment plan, please contact us.

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