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Whole Heart Connection Basic Practices

Integration Practices 1-6 focus on establishing the basic embodiment necessary to successfully access the more directly heart-centered skills that are emphasized in Practices 7-12.


Practice #1: In Your Body

What does it mean to be “in your body,” how to tell if you aren’t, and ways of “coming home.”

Practice #2: Trust — The Physiology of Perception

Opening perception through learning how to shift our bodies into the state of trust.

Practice #3: Sheriff of Love Part 1

Claiming our sovereignty and not waiting for others to give us permission to be welcome.

Practice #4: Sheriff of Love Part 2

Taking root in common ground, and empowering instead of intimidating/being intimidated.

Practice #5: Front Body and Back Body

Awareness of our back body and front body in ourselves and in relationship with others.

Practice #6: Self Assess and Field Assess

Self assessment and field assessment in heart space.

Practice #7: Speaking in Heart Voice

Speaking in heart voice – speaking directly into the listening.

Practice #8: Light Coming Through

Connecting with the Light Coming Through anyone.

Practice #9: Thinking vs. Feeling vs. Heart Void

Distinguishing between “our stuff” and heart space.

Practice #10: Me First — The Cup That Runneth Over

Receiving through the back of the heart – complete surrender to receiving fully while giving.

Practice #11: Recognizing Loss of Heart

Compassionately recognizing our losses of heart as moments for self healing.

Practice #12: Self Healing

Self healing practices to work with loss of heart that is minor or major, current or from long ago.

WHC Pre-Flight Checklist

Check the Basics. Am I in my Heart? Am I in Trust? Am I in My Body?