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Whole Heart Connection Telegram Channel

Join my channel for a series of short and potent reminders that come to you a few times each day, suggesting a “next step” in your practice of WHC in real life. Just one or two sentences in the morning, afternoon, and evening will give you your assignment for the day. Each practice is a “me first” healing gift that you can bring to your life.


The Perennial Medicine


Intro to Whole Heart Connection


Whole Heart Connection Sampler

Hello! (MP3, 0:22)Heart Voice (MP3, 5:58)

Unclench the Heart (MP3, 5:36)

Highly Aware Not Overly Sensitive (MP3, 5:20)

Basking and Asking (MP3, 9:34)

Healing Despair (MP3, 25:08)

Flower and Sun Exercise (MP3, 26:16)