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Whole Heart Connection Intermediate Practices


Practice #13: I Have Needs (and Desires)

What is a need? Thea’s definition is “that without which there is functional impairment.” Naturally there is hierarchy of needs, which is one of the reasons why we must not assume that the identification of a need equals the right to demand its fulfillment instantly.

Practice #14: Inner Child — Wounded Child to Magical Child

Each of us in our body has something that might be called an inner child. In Taoist practices, male or female, we all have something called the Golden Fetus. There’s a place inside that is primordial and soft. One of the things that often happens in human interaction is that we dissociate from this child.

Practice #15: Inner Adult

We don’t just have an Inner Child. There’s an Inner Adult too. We’re built like Russian dolls. Just as this child sits on your lap and you’ve got its back, the Inner Adult has got your back.

Practice #16: Heart and Mind

Practices for resolving ideological conflict.

Practice #17: Safety and the Group Heart

“…a calling to a level of tender attention and calling to a level of mastery in being with each other.” This practice explores how members of an MWF can have permission and safety during the course.