Whole Heart Connection Integration

One of the things that attracted me to working with Thea in the first place was the feeling that in her presence I could dive deeply inside any aspect of myself and she would have the capacity to hold a loving and safe space for whatever came up. All aspects of being human are allowed, no apologies needed.

Nanette Niski Whole Heart Connection Mentorship Series September 13, 2016


So you’ve just taken a Whole Heart Connection Intro class — or maybe you took it long enough ago that you could use some reminders. What did you learn, anyway? How does it all get broken down into simple bite-sized action steps that you can integrate into every-day life?



Whole Heart Connection Email Series

Now available for 30 days or 30 weeks!

These Whole Heart Connection emails are a series of short and potent reminders that come to you each day, suggesting a “next step” in your practice of WHC in real life. Just one or two paragraphs each morning will give you your assignment for the day. Each practice is a “me first” healing gift that you can bring to your life. Available in French and English.

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Whole Heart Connection Online Integration Course

Sometimes we need more than just a little wake-up reminder; we want an opportunity to go deep and explore. The WHC Online Integration Course is a 20-week-long in-depth exploration of each of the basic practices, with a group of students supporting each other, and the opportunity to dialog with Thea Elijah about how to apply the various practices to your temperament and circumstances.

This course counts for 20 NCCAOM-approved PDAs (16 Core and 4 Ethics).

There is no WHC Online Integration Course currently scheduled.

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Whole Heart Connection Workbook

Some people prefer to explore at their own pace, and in their own order, taking exactly as much time as they need with each practice. The WHC Workbook is based on the WHC Online Integration Course, richly supplemented by articles and audio to help the student widen their understanding of silagra.

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Whole Heart Connection Archive

The WHC archive contains all the material in the Workbook, and a whole lot more. In fact, the workbook consists of Basic Practices 1-12, and the archive also contains intermediate and advanced material for mentorship students and teacher trainees. The archive is available to anyone who has taken a WHC intro class. Only $50 for a lifetime subscription, with notices sent out to members every time something new is added to the archive!

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Phone Consult with Thea Elijah

Are you interested in a phone consult to help you personalize what you learned in class, and integrate the WHC work into your life? Or would you like support for further exploration and healing of issues that came up during class? These private consults give us an opportunity to be very focused on how to use WHC teachings for your healing and thriving.

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WHC Pre-Flight Checklist

Download and print out the WHC Pre-Flight Checklist if you’re looking for a list of clear reminders for getting back to your heart in any situation!

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