Whole Heart Connection Mentorship

I have participated in two Whole Heart Connection mentorship series on the West Coast. There is tremendous value in establishing a cohort that provides a safe field for exploration and transformation individually and collectively. Deep openings happen more easily. All aspects of being human are allowed, no apologies needed. In the context of opening to the Whole Heart within myself and in each other. Great freedom and great compassion arise as a result.

The mentorship series gives the opportunity to open deeply, to share yourself honestly and to behold the Heart openings of your colleagues. I urge you to take the chance to really grow into this way of being a true human.

Nanette Niski Whole Heart Connection Mentorship Series September 13, 2016

What Is Your Treasure?

Everybody carries hidden treasure inside of them. Part of that treasure is personal and unique. If these gifts are not discovered and uncovered, they will be lost to the world. Part of that treasure is shared by all living beings; it is the light that shines through us and connects us to Source.

The Whole Heart Connection mentorship is an opportunity to be seen and supported into fully embodying our gifts. With a small group of students, Thea Elijah will share more advanced practices for discovering and uncovering how the light moves through us as unique manifestation, and how we open fully to move from the light.


Course Structure

In four three-day weekends, we gather for alchemical group processes and individual coaching. In between each class session, students will have both individual and group homework; one group phone call; and an individual phone session with Thea Elijah.


Who Is Eligible?

The Whole Heart Connection Mentorship Series is available to those who have taken the Whole Heart Connection Introduction at least two times, and who are able to demonstrate rudimentary proficiency in the twelve basic Whole Heart Connection skills (outlined in the WHC Workbook). Eligibility is based on assessment of readiness by both Thea Elijah and student.


Mentorship Curriculum

In general terms, the mentorship series has four primary goals:

1) To deepen the basic skills, and help us to integrate them to the point where we are able to practice them even under duress, in times of crisis of stress. Being able to access these states in the classroom, or among friends, is a wonderful first step, but it takes training and support to develop the ability to keep our hearts open and our feet planted in the face of intimidation, hostility and threat (or our own private emotional triggers).

2) To explore and integrate the Intermediate and Advanced level skills (see details in the Whole Heart Connection Archive). Many of these skills rest upon being able to clearly differentiate and contact in ourselves and others what Sufis call the Layers of the Heart, and Chinese medicine calls the Wei, Ying and Yuan levels of our being. We learn to anchor in these deeper levels, and integrate even our most superficial interactions with our fundamental nature (unique incarnation with light coming through).

3) Intensive practice in learning to distinguish the Three Voices (Heart, Self, and Dark Whisperer) so that we can connect with clear guidance from Source/The Extended Insight Field, and know how to clear / not be sabotaged by those negative voices.

4) My favorite and most dearly cherished aspect of the mentorship groups: There is a profound magic that happens in groups of people who have already at least somewhat mastered the basic skills of coming together in Heart Space. There is a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts, and the amount of healing, insight and truly breathtaking transmission of light that can occur in such a group is unparalleled in my experience of what it means to be a human being–and what human beings are capable of experiencing together. Unquestionably, this is what I truly live for. Thik Naht Hahn says that the next incarnation of the Buddha will be a sangha (community), not an individual. Through these mentorship groups, I am dedicating my life to the individuals interested in forming the kind of Group Hearts that can bring through the next Incarnation together. These are the general goals of any mentorship series per se -– but there are many specifics of the curriculum that come straight out of the collective characteristics of the group. The class is deliberately kept small, so that everyone is an important ingredient in the mix. As more people join the group, the agenda will shift, but there are some common themes to be addressed:


Wei Level (worldly self)

Fear of being powerful
Fear of being powerless
Trusting ourselves
Anchoring in peace

Ying Level (inner ocean)

Gaining and strengthening tools for clearing old emotional backlog and unhealed scar tissue
Maintaining a strong enough connection with Source to be able to face real pain in ourselves and others without overwhelm
“Safe” empathy
What to do when we dislike someone
Compassion for our dark side, without indulging it
How to tolerate discomfort and do nothing, when there is nothing to do
How to be nourished by Source

Yuan Level (foundation, soul)

An even deeper level of fear of being powerful
An even deeper level of fear of being powerless
Not hiding from ourselves/self-acceptance
Finding our place in the world
Feeling the nature of our unique mission, and opening to what supports us in it
Learning how to speak the truth from Source

Shen Level (heart void)

Directly experiencing ourselves as Emanation of Light