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I feel like studying with Thea Elijah opened my heart up to a deep belief of the universal love underneath the surface even under very traumatic experiences and old painful ways of being. This opening has led me to continue my own spiritual journey, but I know that her teachings opened the door for me to walk towards deeper peace after a lifetime of anxiety.

This has effected all aspects of my life. I feel like my parenting is more grounded and I am able to access guidance for my children more easily. I am able to hold the love for my children without as easily slipping into fear (which was my M.O.).

It has helped me to hold challenging people in my life with more understanding and forgiveness, while also learning how to stand more deeply in my truth and my boundaries. It has helped me find and begin to heal the places in my heart holding shame, guilt, grief, anger at myself and others and begin to turn my heart towards love and healing.

Erin Foster February 13, 2017


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