The Perennial Medicine is a philosophy of healing based on the principles held in common by all ancient healing traditions. Based on a paradigm of working within a unified field, these healing traditions use entrainment, resonance and the cultivation of healing presence as cornerstones of their methodology.

Chinese medicine is a richly nuanced comprehensive system for healing engagement with all aspects of human experience, from the most spiritually noble to the most physically practical.  It’s also tremendously fun and personally fulfilling when learned experientially and practiced as an embodied engagement with herbs, points, clients, and ultimately with life itself.

Whole Heart Connection (formerly “Medicine Without Form”) offers an in-depth training in group dynamics and leadership from the heart for people in management (organizational leadership roles), teaching (leadership in the classroom, parenting (leadership in family life), activism (political and social leadership) and Healing Connection (leadership in the treatment room).  

Sufi Practical Life Skills draws upon the heart-centered teachings of Sufi mysticism.  These teachings and practices connect us with vast resources of personal resiliency and transpersonal awareness, allowing us to meet our daily life challenges with heart and humor and deeply loving directness.

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