Healing Micro-Trauma

Over the last few years, the subject of trauma has become an important public conversation. Many people are exploring, what is trauma? Where does it come from? What can we do about it, internally and externally?

Trauma is not the same as pain. It is possible to be in a great deal of pain, and yet be unharmed (we will talk about how to do that!).

Trauma is not the same as woundedness. Woundedness is what we experience when, in response to pain, we feel forced to distort who we are in order to survive. This is reversible! Healing is returning to living as ourselves again.

Trauma is a wound with a thought on top of it that says, “I cannot heal from this.” Usually, this occurs because, at the time of the wound, we truly did not have the resources to begin healing. Fortunately, as soon as we do have the resources to heal, it is never too late to begin—as long as we can release the protective shell that may have grown up around the wound (we will also discuss this).

Many of us have what I call “snowballed trauma,” a state of having been wounded over and over again in the exact same way. When we try to heal that, it seems overwhelming and impossible. We get discouraged about ever being able to heal at all. We may give up entirely—which is never what trauma was meant to be. It’s meant to be a temporary state, like a holding pattern, while we gather resources.

That’s why it is helpful to learn to heal micro-trauma first: Because if we start at the smaller end, it’s manageable. We take it in tiny manageable bits, and over time this increases our capacity to work with the larger wounds without getting overwhelmed.

Even more importantly, when we know how to heal micro-trauma, our relationship to our daily lives is much different. We are less afraid of the daily struggles and challenges. We are able to face what’s happening right now without a backlog of historical trauma crushing us before we even get started. We can move through our lives and navigate even very painful situations very differently.

This class will fill you with joy and peace, even before you are completely healed. There’s really nothing like getting a good foundation for a gentle, ongoing healing process.

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