Economic Redress for African American and First Nation People

As a white-bodied person in America, I am aware of my economic privilege in comparison with all people who have darker skin than my own. However, the economic prosperity of America has been most brutally wrested at the direct expense of First Nation people whose land was stolen by means of genocide, and African American people who were kidnapped and enslaved. 

The level of atrocity upon which white prosperity was built in this country is far too much to repay by any means.  Not only justice but also deep healing will be required of us all.  As a simple, practical first action step, here at Perennial Medicine, we are making many resources free for all First Nation and African American people, as an acknowledgment of the white prosperity that has been taken at their expense.

Below I’ve listed various resources that are offered freely to First Nation and African American people, with no need to say thank you. This is not charity; this was earned.

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