Free Whole Heart Connection Telegram Channel

So you’ve recently taken a Whole Heart Connection Intro class — or maybe you took it long enough ago that you could use some reminders. What did you learn, anyway? How does it all get broken down into simple bite-sized action steps that you can integrate into every-day life?

Perhaps you’ve never taken an Intro class and are simply curious to know what it’s all about.

These messages are a series of short and potent reminders that come to you a few times each day, suggesting a “next step” in your practice of WHC in real life. Just one or two sentences in the morning, afternoon, and evening will give you your assignment for the day. Each practice is a “me first” healing gift that you can bring to your life.

The series takes place on Telegram, which can be joined via the Telegram mobile app, the Telegram desktop app, or viewed daily from your web browser via the link. To join the channel and be reminded daily, simply click the link below from your preferred device to download the app, create an account and join the channel.

Maybe you’re not familiar with Telegram, but it’s not as new or different as you might think. It’s an ad-free instant messaging service that does not require any great learning curve to begin receiving the Whole Heart Connection channel messages. This short video explains how to install the app, and you will begin receiving the Whole Heart Connections messages within a few hours.

Contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions.

Telegram App Installation

We created the video walkthroughs below to guide you through the Telegram setup process.

Telegram Setup for Mobile Phone
Telegram Setup for PC