Perennial Medicine


tree rootsHealing may be practiced as a means of dispelling illness; it may also be practiced as a means of fostering health, or cultivating virtue.

The Perennial Medicine traditions hold as their central focus the client’s essential wholeness. Because there is a direct relationship between the nature of a person’s illness and the nature of that person’s wellness, in the Perennial Medicine traditions, therapeutic actions are chosen specifically to resonate simultaneously with both the client’s highest potential, and with their current manifestation of distress. Through the cultivation of virtue, illness is dispelled and health is restored.

Health that has been restored due to the cultivation of virtue is not the same as health that has been restored simply due to the dispelling of illness. The physical manifestations of health may appear to be the same, but on the level of the spirit, the difference is incalculable.

When we focus solely on dispelling illness in order to restore health, a priceless opportunity for the spirit is lost. When our healing strategy has as its aim the evocation of the client’s own original nature as its catalyst for the transformation of body mind and spirit, the results are profound for both practitioner and client. The client experiences healing as a transformation that occurs from within; and the practitioner is also transformed through the continuous practice of resonating with the highest in our clients.