What Is Whole Heart Whiteness?

This is a time when many white people are looking for ways to address both overt and implicit racism, but do not know where to begin. Sometimes even thinking about the subject is so painful that we can’t even begin at all—and yet we can’t live with ourselves if we avoid the subject.

Whole Heart Connection practices form a powerful basis for white-skinned people to bring their concerns about racial injustice from abstract values to practical embodiment. WHC skills guide us in establishing Group Heart space where we can support each other on a me-first basis into anti-racist healing work, internally and externally.

Recommended book: My Grandmother’s Hands by Resmaa Menakem, a brilliant book with practical embodied exercises for clearing racialized trauma as it is stored differentially in African-American bodies, white bodies, and police bodies.

Here you’ll find interviews with Resmaa Menakem:
Why We’re All Suffering From Racial Trauma
New York Public Radio Interview

To learn more about Thea’s work on clearing embodied racism, read this interview with Thea on WhiteAwake.org.

There are LOADS of resources and workshops and books and materials and classes out there for “what we can DO to be anti-racist”…but nearly ALL come from action or thought space. The space of emotion and body presence awareness, embodiment, and empowerment is actually possibly MORE important learning than anything else. It is from here that all our DOing has power and awareness. So…it’s like teaching the preliminary steps that we in white supremacist culture actually never learned (that most other cultures do learn from birth). So, in essence, it re”human”izes us and reconnects us to a collective power and wisdom…

—Kade S.

Live Workshops

Take a Whole Heart Whiteness workshop with Thea Elijah. Experience the Group Heart with other teachers, healers, activists, and parents (to name a few).

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WHC Archive

Click here to access Thea Elijah’s Whole Heart Connection archive. This free section features transcripts of Whole Heart Connection workshops, as well as selected audio lectures.

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WHC Workbook

Want to work on the Whole Heart Connection practices at home with easy-to-follow instructions? Find the Whole Heart Connection workbook here.

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Anti-Racist and Economic Redress Statement

The WHC Economic Redress Fund was created to help people of color participate in Whole Heart Connection workshops regardless of economic status. Follow the link below if you’d like more information, or to donate.