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The gift of Water is the confidence that comes from being in touch with our own resources, even if we’re not sure exactly what they are. Water is the rooted strength of a relaxed power that comes from truly resting in what we do know, even when surrounded by what we don’t know. We seek support from what we can sense, in the silence, and in the dark.

Winter’s challenge is to turn inward, and to look for that sustaining light in our own foundations. To live well in a dark time (e.g. winter), we do not depend on any outward sign of life. Let the whole outside world grow dark—we each hold a single flame inside ourselves. This is our pilot light, burning in our depths. We do not need the outer light. We carry the light within.

Live classes with Thea Elijah are an opportunity to explore, experience, interact, and engage. Our learning style is what the Chinese call Gan Dong, “the transmission of knowledge that takes place only when the heart is moved.”   Check back as we approach winter, and the Water courses will be listed here.

At Perennial Medicine, we are creating self-guided, online CEU experiences that are enjoyable and genuinely rich in content. Courses include articles, audio, and video selections that have been crafted to engage your heart, your mind, and your clinical healership. All courses are approved by NCCAOM and are also accepted by the Florida board.

Access to these resources requires a Five Element Archive Membership.


Kidney 1 (PDF, 4pp)
Kidney 2 (PDF, 7pp)
Kidney 2 with Kidney 16 (PDF, 5pp)
Kidney 2 with Kidney 16 and 11 (PDF, 6pp)
Kidney 3 (PDF, 1p)
Kidney 4 (PDF, 2pp)
Kidney 5 (PDF, 3pp)
Kidney 6 (PDF, 3pp)
Kidney 7 (PDF, 8pp)
Kidney 8 (PDF, 5pp)
Kidney 9 (PDF, 4pp)
Kidney 10 (PDF, 6pp)


Intro to Bladder 1-2 (PDF, 19pp)
Bladder 3 (PDF, 3pp)
Bladder 4 (PDF, 4pp)
Bladder 5 (PDF, 3pp)
Bladder 6 (PDF, 3pp)
Bladder 7 (PDF, 2pp)
Bladder 8 (PDF, 3pp)
Bladder 9 (PDF, 1p)
Bladder 10 (PDF, 4pp)
Bladder Knee Points: A Bend in the River (PDF, 4pp)
Bladder Leg Points: Receiving Support and Abundance (PDF, 3pp)

And More…

Exit-Entry Blocks: Kidney Heart Mediator Block (MP3, 45:08)
CV-KI-ST-SP in the Lower Burner (PDF, 17pp)
CV-KI-ST-SP in the Middle Burner (PDF, 29pp)

Unless marked FREE, access to these resources requires a Five Element Archive Membership.

Intro to Sang Piao Xiao Mantis Formula (PDF, 20pp)
FREE – Yu Nu Jian Parts 1-6 (6 videos, 69 min)

The above resources are a sample of the Spirit of the Herbs: Water content for archive subscribers. The complete Spirit of the Herbs: Water material includes 116 MP3s (10 hours of audio), and 2 pdfs with 69 pages of notes.

 Yu Nu Jian Parts 1-6 (6 videos, 69 min)

Would you like to get a daily reminder about autumn, with suggestions for simple exercises and practices that can help you receive the clarity and strength of Metal more fully?

Starting December 1st, you can begin to receive 30 days’ worth of Water integration emails, bringing you thoughts, images, and reminders of how to immerse in the energy of winter and receive its benefits most fully. This one-month subscription will support participants in integrating Water practices and insights into their daily lives through reminders of practical ways to develop healthy Water.

In this volume, you will find all the writings from the Water section of the Five Element Archive. This includes material on the Water Element, including reflections on Water topics such as kinky vs. vanilla sex, the relationship between truly stopping and a life of deep happiness; many articles on Water points; herbal perspectives; and much more.

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