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Exit-Entry Blocks: Kidney-Heart Mediator Block CEU


3 Core PDA points

1 MP3, 45 min

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The Kidney meridian’s journey through the middle burner and its emergence above the diaphragm at Kidney 22 is a long, dark wordless journey finally opening into light at the end of the tunnel in the region of Heart Mediator 1. Here in the space between our solitary winter sojourn and the ability to share in warmth, love and intimacy is the terrain of the Kidney-Heart Mediator exit-entry zone. Does what I have lived through in silence prevent me from speaking? Does what I know of love from my past relationships overshadow what I know love can be? What does it mean to be strong, and also able to melt in the arms of the beloved? These and other questions are addressed in this audio clip describing the Kidney-Heart Mediator exit-entry block treatment.