Heart 2-3-4: Journey from the One CEU


3 NCCAOM-Approved PDA points (AOM-AC)

3 PDFs, 11pp

HEART 2: Qing Ling can be translated as Power Spot. Often in feng shui, the name Qing Ling is a reference to the places where potent earth energies gather, for instance, a place where shamans could go in order to be able to call upon Heaven, to bring forth rain or sun or whatever is needed. Qing Ling as an acupuncture point refers to the aspect of the Heart as a Power Spot, a place of receptivity to Heaven where potent energies gather.

HEART 3: As an elbow point, Heart 3 brings us home to depth and forms the gateway between our connection to those deeper reaches of consciousness above the elbow (HT 1 and 2), and the myriad connections to the busy outer world. Heart 3 is able to make sure that we do not lose our connection with the deeper ocean of consciousness, even as we move more fully into engagement with life.

HEART 4: By my choice of words, I am in a sense taking a knife and making the first cut in the unspeakable reality of all things. How will I use the knife with which I carve the Dao? Before speaking, there is an uncarved block of wordless Dao. As I start to carve the block with my words, I carve with a Metal sense of the imprimatur of my own individuality at work; I am making a unique definition of what-is-real with my speech. Heart 4 helps us to keep aware of the ‘the uncarved Dao’ even as we carve.

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