Exit Entry Blocks: An Overview of the EE Points of the Head


2.5 NCCAOM-Approved PDA points (AOM-OM)

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Exit Entry Blocks: An Overview of the EE Points of the Head

At the exit entry points of the head, the qi exits from one meridian, and enters the next.  To understand the significance of this transition, we first need to ask, “What is a transition? How do things become another thing?”

In the case of the exit-entry transition, it’s not a gradual cross-fade of energies, as from late summer to autumn in the sheng cycle. Instead, it is a transition between very different energies, with a gap—a significant gap between the exit of one meridian and the entry into the next meridian.

That significant gap is very significant, because there is another significant gap in the very same region. Your ears, your eyes, your nose, your sensory orifices are right there. A sensory orifice is a significant gap. It’s an opening where huge amounts of data traverse. It’s an exit-entry point for reality.

For a full—and very fun—introduction to the significance of the exit-entry points of the head, as well as an exploration of the different pairs of exit-entry points and their relationship, check out An Overview of the Exit Entry Points of the Head.


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