The Way of the Heart is to be deeply in touch with all of reality.
–Thea Elijah


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What Is Whole Heart Connection?

Whole Heart Connection is a set of body-based awareness practices designed to help us to shift our own internal states, such that we are able to connect with the best in ourselves, with the best in others, and with the source of creative insight.

Are you an activist, healer, teacher, parent, community organizer, public speaker or performance artist, corporate manager, or spiritual seeker? Learn more about how WHC can offer you skills and awareness that can profoundly enhance your engagement in any (or all) of these realms.

Thea’s workshops are transformational, unlike any you’ve probably ever attended. From the moment she enters the room you sense a shift in consciousness is happening. Not only did she offer incredible wisdom on speaking/presentation skills, she also showed us how to stand in our bodies and connect with an audience in a deeply profound way. Thea is committed to helping you be the best you can be. She is a tremendous role model for what a powerful and grounded human being looks like on the planet.

Beth Greer Author/Environmental Health Consultant/Radio Host/Columnist/Speaker Whole Heart Connection Live Workshops September 13, 2016


Live Workshops

Take Whole Heart Connection workshops with Thea Elijah. Experience the Group Heart with other teachers, healers, activists, and parents (to name a few).

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WHC Integration

Wondering how you’ll integrate WHC practices into your life after an inspiring workshop? Here are several ways to have a softer landing and create good habits.

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WHC Mentorship

Thea also teaches an advanced WHC mentorship group. Get direct coaching and support to embody these skills and become your best self, and serve others.

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WHC Archive

Click here to access Thea Elijah’s Whole Heart Connection archive. Includes abundant articles, audio clips, and videos of Thea teaching and transmitting key WHC concepts and practices.

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WHC Workbook

Click here to check out and buy the Whole Heart Connection Workbook. Develop your WHC practices at home, at your own pace, with clear descriptions of essential practices, and much more.

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Anti-Racist and Economic Redress Statement

The WHC Economic Redress Fund was created to help people of color participate in Whole Heart Connection workshops regardless of economic status. Follow the link below if you’d like more information, or to donate.


Whole Heart Connection Calendar

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