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Healing and Beyond

Here is another video excerpt and transcript from a Whole Heart Connection: Making Connections workshop. It’s about Healing and Walking. If you are not familiar with these terms, you can watch the video and see if the transmission reaches you anyway… or you can review my video blog from July 31, 2020, which introduces these very important concepts.  https://youtu.be/4Cmu1P2o-Ew Healing and Beyond I've been thinking a whole lot about healing in the context of "healing and walking"—in the context of damage—in the context of that which can (or cannot) actually be healed.   I think that this is very important these days, because there's a lot going on, inside of and outside of individual humans, that I'm not sure is actually a candidate for ... Read more

Safety in Treating Anger

https://youtu.be/fNY2bIs3hTg This segment comes from Thea's self-guided CEU Safety in Treating Anger. Safety in Treating Anger What is healthy anger? It's something that can get very politicized, very tangled into other agendas. I'm wanting to make it clear that being right and being healthy are two different things. You can be totally right, and having a stroke. You can be totally right, and acting out in ways that are very regrettable. You can be totally right and collapsed in a small heap on the floor. We are not discussing whether or not you are right. As healers, it's not our job, actually, to discuss whether or not somebody is right about whatever they are right about. It's important not to be crediting ... Read more

Whole Heart Connection and the Origin of the Rubber Chicken

Why is Thea Elijah always holding a rubber chicken? I often teach holding a rubber chicken in my hand, and gesture with it as I speak. I tell people that the rubber chicken is my shamanic power animal, and that its spiritual power is the willingness to risk awkwardness or even absurdity in the name of love and healing. It began as a gift from my son, then 5 years old, who noticed how nervous I was before teaching. He gave me the rubber chicken and told me, “Mama, take this rubber chicken with you when you teach. When people see you holding a rubber chicken, they will be smiling and happy, and you won’t be nervous.” He was right! It worked like ... Read more
thea and her rubber chicken

What is Trust?

What is Trust? Trust the Chair In the beginning of my Whole Heart Connection workbook, and at the beginning of any Whole Heart Connection workshop, I do a lot of talking about trusting your chair—and about trust in general as a relaxed and expanded sensory mode. There has been some confusion around my usage of the word “trust,” and I would like to explore it. Through a sophisticated research process (mostly interviewing my neighbors, who are used to my ruthless sense of inquiry) I am discovering that my understanding of “trust” is different than the norm, in ways that are completely typical of me. So… duh. As I explain, please keep that “duh” in mind. I am discovering that for most people, "I ... Read more

What is Safety?

What is Safety? Here is an excerpt from a recent Whole Heart Connection: Making Connections day. It was a revolutionary moment for us, and so I wanted to share it. The transmission is better if you watch the video while in your body, open and settled.  It’s followed by an edited version of the transcript, where I completed some sentences more clearly and spelled things out a bit more than I was able to in the video. So it's worth checking out both. https://youtu.be/YlU3syzhDp8 What is Safety? Safety, for many people, means "I won't get hurt." The problem is, we've all already been hurt, so it's too late. From then on, we never feel safe, because, "Okay, it does already hurt. Therefore I'm not ... Read more

The Engine and the Caboose Part II

The Engine and the Caboose Part II Top-Down and Bottom-Up Healing This engine and caboose concept (see previous blog, The Engine and the Caboose Part I) is related to Top-Down versus Bottom-Up healing. Top-Down Healing Top-Down healing means primarily connecting with The Light or The Absolute, identifying with that as completely as possible, and moving from that perspective. The Infinite is certainly the most powerful resource for a complete healing! The trouble arises when we insist on Top-Down healing methods only, and decry any hint of Bottom-Up (pathology-focused) healing.   In examples of the most extreme viewpoints, adherents of only Top-Down healing consider Bottom-Up healing methods to be a waste of time that prevents you from actually merging with the Infinite and achieving Enlightenment right ... Read more
steam engine

The Engine and the Caboose Part I

The Engine and the Caboose Part I How to be NOT Helpable In the context of healing and personal development, our experience is not necessarily a homogenous unity. It’s more useful to think of ourselves as being like a long train. The Engine Our engine is our leading edge—it’s us at our best. It’s our sanest, wholest, coolest self that we hope to be fully someday. Right now, though, it’s like a crescent moon of what we hope to become. It’s where we’re headed—but the engine of the train may emerge from a tunnel, or cross state lines, long before the rest of the train makes it to the territory that the engine has already passed through. My engine self is what moves all ... Read more
student with child picture behind her

Whole Heart Parenting

Whole Heart Parenting Below is a blog piece that I wrote about parenting.  Please keep in mind as you read it that even if you don’t have children, you are still ‘parenting’ yourself.  In fact, re-parenting ourselves is profound healing work.  Of course, even if you do have children, don’t forget to apply Whole Heart Parenting principles to yourself, too. Last weekend in a Whole Heart Connection mentorship class, we brought in pictures of our baby selves and used them as our virtual backgrounds on Zoom. It was so touching to see everyone against the backdrop of their original self.  It was deeply moving and made the practice of inner re-parenting more real than ever.  I’ll include here some of those images of ... Read more
woman on cell phone

On the Phone, In My Body

On the Phone, In My Body Part Two As you read this article, how much of the rest of your surroundings are you tuning out? One of the “body lessons” of iPods, cell phones, iPads, and computers is an increase in our ability to tune out what’s going on around us in order to focus exclusively on the data coming to us through a small screen or earpiece. That’s an incredible skill—we’ve learned to be standing in the middle of a roaring subway while watching a little movie. We can be walking down a busy street having a delicate conversation with someone on the other side of the country. In our own homes, we have developed the ability to filter out ... Read more

On the Computer, In My Body

On the Computer, In My Body Part One Here you are reading a blog on a computer— Are you in your body? Stop reading for a moment just to check. What did you discover? If you are like most people, you may have found that you are craned forward, that you are barely aware that you even have a body, that your feet seem very far away (a sign that you are totally in your head), and that energetically you are being sucked into the computer. Hold it right here. Take your hands away from the keyboard, just for now. Later we will focus on writing on the computer while being in your body. For now, put one hand on your chest, one on your lower ... Read more
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