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Intro to Wood CEU


3.5 Core PDA points / CA CEUs

5 PDFs, 36pp

“I’m learning a lot about beginnings.

There does seem to be that sense of hook; I’m really fascinated by the hook. I’m not sure why. I think it’s got something to do with how much of an art the hook is because of how incredibly variable it is what actually constitutes a hook. I’m thinking of certain Russian novels that seem to go on for a very very long time before something seems to happen… But they are ‘great novels.’ Whatever happened to ‘hook’ exactly in that context? I guess Russian novels aren’t known for their great beginnings. The winter lasts so long! There you go! So there is going to be this sense of an interminable progress of this seed.

As opposed to the things that have a really quick hook and you’re like, okay I’m hooked. But then do you unhook just as quickly? That’s a catchy tune; it’s over and I don’t remember it any more.

What constitutes the deep hook? I would say a good beginning has a deep hook. I think that’s connected to the sense of being essence-filled, being filled with essences. If a beginning is filled with essences, then the promise it makes is the sense of the beginning of a path. Something’s opening here, something that comes from deep and can go far, like a good pitch.

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Or like the character for fa which shows a bow being drawn way back with power, so that the arrow can be sent flying very very far. It’s almost like an escort into the unknown but with a guide. ‘I’m going into the unknown. I’m going into someplace completely new that I have never been before. But I can tell by the rich and vital essences in it that this is opening up into a path that I want to go down.’ There’s a sense of direction, a sense of a guide, a sense of being excited: it’s this way. A good beginning gives us that sense… so that we dare! There’s much more boldness with a good beginning because there’s that sense of an arrow in flight. I’ll follow the arrow. It knows where it’s going; it knows where I’m going. I know because I can feel the essences that have hooked my own essence. Okay, I’ll go that way.

Students: ‘Meet them where they’re at already and then shift… Familiar and safe and then able to get to something new… Action kind of blend into each other before they change.’

You mean like songs that have a long introductory something-or-others before hurling us into space… Secure, comfortable beginnings, but like an incubator with a false bottom or something. It’s bait and switch. Or just gathering? There’s a crouch before the spring. How do we get someone on board before blast off—or lift off—or gently drifting away from the dock?

Knowing your audience is important; I suppose a good beginning is a beginning that gauges what kind of gathering-onto-the-boat would suit what kind of population that would actually be interested in that kind of boat ride. Thus even if the way that the boat ride begins is with a bait and switch, it’s still a good promise, because what was put out as the bait actually brings even MORE delight when it comes time for the switch.