What is the Difference Between Healing and Walking?

I’ve been in a lot of discussions these days about what kind of healing is needed in these drastic times.  Truthfully, I don’t think that healing is needed. I think that what is needed is something called walking.  What’s the difference between healing and walking?

“Walking” is a term borrowed from Sufism, but applicable to Chinese medicine as well as many other modalities.  Walking refers not to the outward manifestations of healing, but the inward spiritual transformation associated with deeper connection to Source via the Heart.  Different traditions have different names for this journey from individuality and separation to greater and greater oneness with the One.  Beyond words, beyond doctrine, drastic situations like terminal illness, climate crisis or impending fascism can be a potent motivator to spiritual transformation or walking.  In Taoist terms, this is known as facing north, which is the path of Sageliness in our lives.  Often tremendous healing results from walking—specifically healing that could not happen without some form of ego-death to set us free.

In this video, I am talking about the difference between Healing and Walking in a Whole Heart Acupuncture Q&A session.  However, if you want step by step “how-to” lessons in walking, check out my Cancer as Teacher series on YouTube.

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